Former Congressional Candidate and YouTuber Joey Salads is Booted Off Twitter

Allum Bokhari reported that Joey Saladino, who is known more for his YouTube persona Joey Salads, was recently banned by Twitter.

Saladino recently ran for office as a Republican in New York’s 11th congressional district.

A Twitter spokeswoman informed Breitbart News that Saladino was banned for supposed “platform manipulation.” The spokeswoman did not provide specifics in terms of the acts that violated the policy.

Saladino currently hosts the Raging Patriot podcast on YouTube and has announced his intentions for running for office again.

He is of the opinion that the Twitter ban would hurt his voter outreach efforts in the future.

“I was wanting to build my Twitter up, my social media up over the next few years, run for office again with millions of political followers. I was on the track for that. Can’t do that anymore,” Salads revealed in a YouTube video.

Saladino claimed he was getting about 200 million impressions on his Twitter account per month before he was banned.

“This screws me up… I was using all of those followers, pushing them over to this YouTube account, pushing them over to my podcast. And now, guess what, I’m screwed — because I’m not going to be able to grow anymore. I was relying on Twitter for my growth. The YouTube algorithm sucked, the Facebook algorithm sucks.”

Saladino said that if  Twitter doesn’t fix the issue, he would file a lawsuit against the company.

“I’m trying to reach out to some people to see if we can get this fixed, hopefully. If not, then I guess I’ll have to go through with a lawsuit because I wouldn’t really have much of a choice.”

Despite being banned from Twitter, Saladino’s podcast can still be accessed on Apple, Spotify, and Google Play.

Saladino explained his situation in the video below:


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