Former Congressman Ron Paul Says Americans Should Brace Themselves for a Black Swan Event

On March 19, 2024, during an interview right-wing personality Tucker Carlson, former Congressman Ron Paul cautioned about a supposed “black swan” event taking place in the not-so-distant future. He stressed that Americans must be prepared for the worst to occur.  

Paul touched on the Russo-Ukrainian war, criticism of his non-interventionist foreign policy, and the risk of World War III

Paul advised that education is needed to go through these trying times. 

“I think we’re reaching this point where some sudden thing is going to happen,” Paul said to Carlson. “I believe in that theory of the black swan. It’s going to pop up and it’s not going to be controllable.”

A “black swan event” generally refers to an unexpected event with wide-ranging consequences that upend conventional wisdom. Several examples of black swan events include 9/11, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the Wuhan virus pandemic, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. 

“But people ask, what can they do? I think the most important thing is understand what’s going on,” Paul added “It’s education. That’s why I happen to have a home-schooling program that tries to teach this stuff early.”

Paul ran for president under the Libertarian Party banner in 1988 and under the Republican banner in 2008 and 2012. Paul was a member of Congress for a total of 24 years in three different stints. 

A report by the Daily Caller noted that Paul believed too many people were concentrating on the wrong things. 

“Really, the most important thing you do is study and understand what’s going on,” Paul declared. Because if you come away from that and you’re able accumulate a lot of… get by… you have your guns and stored food and all that. It’s not going to work. You have to understand what’s happening, you have to know what’s coming, it’s very, very dangerous, and that’s why I love to see smaller units of government.”

Paul’s warnings should be heeded here. For too long, the great doctor was ignored by the ruling class. His work in Congress, despite not being applied by his colleagues, was not in vain. The intellectual revolution Paul started has been embraced by countless dissidents worldwide.

In these trying times, not only does Paul’s ideology of limited government, non-interventionism, and free markets make sense, his advice at the local and personal level is even more relevant. 

For once, can people listen to Paul’s sage wisdom.

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