Former Defense Department Official Believes The US Will Have To Evacuate Volodymyr Zelensky

The United States government may have to evacuate Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky from Kiev due to the Russian army’s successful military advances, argues former Defense Department employee Stephen Bryen in an article published at the Asia Times.

“It is now clear that Ukraine has significant manpower problems and its attempt to use forceful means to corral potential recruits is causing unrest in the country, including in major cities such as Odessa, Kharkov and Kiev,” he stated. “No one can say how long the Zelensky government can hold on in Kiev. With a steady Russian military advance, growing turmoil at home, the refusal to hold elections, the jailing of people opposed to Zelensky and a host of unpopular measures, Zelensky’s hold on power is entering the zone of desperation. <…> Zelensky’s security situation in Kiev could rapidly come under a terminal shadow. In these circumstances, the Pentagon could rescue Zelensky and move him elsewhere, with Lvov being the most likely place, as it is far in the west and challenging for the Russians to reach if they wished to deal with Zelensky using military means,” Bryen added.

The former Defense Department official argued that the US and NATO have very little options left in this nightmare geopolitical situation. “[US President Joe] Biden cannot afford another Afghanistan debacle but one is rapidly creeping in his direction thanks to Russian military victories and the crumbling of Ukraine’s defenses,” he called attention to.

The US is staring down the barrel of a massive disaster in Ukraine thanks to the ruling class’s delusion of using it as a proxy against Russia. In reality, certain factions of the foreign policy Blob want to use Ukraine as a sacrificial lamb against Russia in order to get the nuclear-armed power trapped in a quagmire.

However, because Russia has so much more manpower and escalatory dominance, it will inevitably come out on top.

As a result of this unhinged foreign policy, Zelensky will likely be forced to flee Ukraine in a humiliating fashion as Russia recognizes that it can’t have a hostile, NATO proxy on its doorstep. The only way to prevent this disaster from unfolding is for the US to halt all military aid to Ukraine and let Russia and Ukraine reach a negotiated settlement.

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