Former Democrat AG Eric Holder: Trump Can Only Win Through Cheating

Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder refused to accept a Trump victory in Tuesday’s election, claiming that any outcome in which the President would secure more than 270 electoral votes would be gained through what he called “cheating.” Holder was speaking with SiriusXM radio host Joe Madison the day of the election.

“[Trump] is trying to come up with a way in which he’s going to be able to say that the election was stolen from him, that there was cheating or something like that,” Holder told SiriusXM radio host Joe Madison on Tuesday. “The reality is, if you look at all the empirical evidence, if you look at the polls, the only way that I think that Trump is going to win is if the Republicans are successful in cheating.

Holder cited a court case over curbside voting, a novel practice implemented in Texas due to the coronavirus. The effort to discount curbside ballots was ultimately rejected by a federal judge, raising doubt as to Holder’s claims that Republicans are executing a rigged election.

They’re prepared to do a whole bunch of things on a whole bunch of fronts,” Holder said. “[Republicans] don’t want to have an election that’s truly fair. And that truly represents the desires of the people for change. That is what I hear as I have been all around the country.

This is one of the most clear accusations of a rigged election on the part of a Democrat, accusing Republicans. Liberals suddenly don’t seem so supremely confident about the outcome of Tuesday’s election and already seem to be preparing a bevvy of excuses and rationalizations.