Former Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill Admits Polyamorous “Throuple” Relationship “Lacked Boundaries”

Disgraced former Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill addressed the sex scandal that led to her resignation in an interview published on Friday, vaguely taking responsibility for an inappropriate “throuple” relationship with a junior staff member while deflecting criticism to men who supposedly violate the professional standards she did and get away with it.

I fully admit that I have regrets around the lack of boundaries with my staff,said Hill in the NBC News interview.but there are men currently in positions of power who have assaulted women and somehow that is dismissed and tolerated. I do think the fact that I am a young woman, that it wasn’t a traditional relationship and that I am a bisexual woman all played into the ways in which I was treated, none of which happens when men are in similar situations.

Hill had been in a three-way polyamorous relationship with her then-husband, Kenny Heslep, and 24-year old House staffer Morgan Desjardins. Hill went on to blame her husband(who was in the process of a separation) for releasing photos of her combing Desjardins’ hair while naked, and smoking marijuana from a bong. She ultimately resigned when the House Ethics Committee began an investigation into her suspect relationship with the staffer.

If anything- at least, if he were a Republican- a man who engaged in similar behavior towards subordinate staffers in Congress would be drummed out of office immediately, and they wouldn’t get a chance to rehabilitate their image with glowing profiles from corporate media networks.

Hill’s suburban California congressional seat has since been recaptured by a Republican, with voters seeming to take notice of Hill’s poor personal conduct and inability to view herself as anything other than a victim.

It’s “empowered feminism” to evade any acceptance of personal responsibility for your own actions, apparently.

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