Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Claims He’s a Deep State Victim, Urges Trump to Commute His Prison Sentence

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is issuing high praise to President Donald Trump in the hopes that the President will commute his 28-year prison sentence for corruption charges.

“I first want to congratulate you for the overwhelming and stunning victories of your Presidential campaign, and also the unprecedented success of your first two-years in office. You have shaken up the entire world…and that is a great thing to behold,” Kilpatrick wrote on Apr. 16 in a letter to Trump. “I pray your success daily!”

In the letter that was obtained by Deadline Detroit, Kilpatrick argues that the judge and trial attorney had a conflict of interest that resulted in an overly lengthy conviction. Kilpatrick took his case apart point-by-point for the President to consider, arguing for a commutation of his sentence.

“I applaud your boldness and tenacity in confronting the traditional and sometimes deformed politics of our country. You have vociferously exposed the treacherous and calculating schemes of our media and government that have worked to crush families, communities, and even Truth itself. Thank you for standing up, speaking out, and exposing this wickedness,” wrote Kilpatrick, who has been a Democrat his entire life.

Kilpatrick attacked U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade, who he noted was an Obama appointee, for prosecutorial overreach because she filed a RICO conspiracy charge against him.

“Even if you believe everything else that the Feds have in my case, without the RICO Conspiracy conviction, I could not have received more than a 96-month sentence (8 years). I have already been incarcerated nearly 8 years,” Kilpatrick wrote.

He compared himself to Trump in the letter, claiming that the deep state is out to stop champions of the people from obtaining leadership positions in government.

“The Feds opened their investigation against me in February of 2002, just one-month after I took office. The feds are politicians. They choose sides in elections. They didn’t want me to win. I wasn’t their choice. I ran a grass roots, people-driven campaign, and shook up the establishment. I beat them twice! I know you know a great deal about this,” Kilpatrick wrote.

Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years behind bars in Oct. 2013. Judge Nancy Edmunds admonished Kilpatrick for cronyism and nepotism that further tarnished the beleaguered city’s poor reputation.

“We lost transparency, we lost accountability,” Edmunds said.

“That way of doing government is over, it’s done,” she added.

“I really, really, really messed up,” Kilpatrick admitted at the time.

But years later, Kilpatrick has a new angle – painting himself as a deep state victim rather than another corrupt liberal city mayor. If his letter ever reaches Trump’s desk, do not expect the President to comply with the requests of this Democrat felon.

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