Former FBI, Mueller Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Documents in First Indictment of John Durham Probe

A former FBI and Robert Mueller probe lawyer pleaded guilty Wednesday to falsifying government documents in the first indictment filed by Special Counsel John Durham, who has been charged with investigating federal misconduct related to the illegal surveillance of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and early administration.

Clinesmith admitted to falsely editing a CIA email in order to secure a warrant for continued surveillance of Trump campaign official Carter Page, enabling political surveillance of the campaign on fraudulent grounds.

Clinesmith went on to claim that Page wasn’t a source of the CIA when speaking to FBI officials in 2017, while CIA officials have told the agency on multiple occasions that the foreign policy professional was in fact working with them.

The falsified emails accessed by Clinesmith went on to approve a crucial FISA surveillance warrant on Page.

The longtime federal lawyer later went on to work on Robert Mueller’s Russia conspiracy probe, an acute irony, considering the deep state operative is now facing sentencing for federal charges filed by yet another special counsel.

Judge James Boasberg reviewed a ten page plea agreement between Clinesmith and Durham’s office before accepting the lawyer’s guilty plea over the phone on Wednesday. The sentencing guideline suggested in the plea recommends between zero and six months in federal prison, although the maximum penalty for the charge is five years in prison. The lawyer’s sentencing is set for December 10th.

His indictment is only the first resulting from Durham’s prove, and additional indictments of Deep State corrupt federal officials is expected.

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