Former LA County Deputy DA Says California’s Early Release of Convicted Pedophiles Will Create More Social Chaos 

Samuel Dordulian, a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, has been warning about the dangers of the early releases of pedophiles from California prisons. Several progressive reforms have enabled these early releases, which he believes will cause more harm to children. 

According to an Epoch Times report, Dordulian believes that pedophiles are “rarely rehabilitated” and present a major threat to children once they are allowed to go back and prowl the streets. 

Samuel Dordulian is now the head of Dordulian Law Group based in Glendale, California, which specializes in sex crimes. 

“It’s terrifying for me as a parent and it should be terrifying for every parent out there of a child,” declared Dordulian, who was employed at the DA’s office from 1995 until 2008.

During an interview with the Epoch Times, Dordulian expressed his shock at how these types of criminals are released so quickly. 

Dordulian found out about this shocking development when a Daily Mail reporter contacted him in 2022 to show him figures that these criminals in California are being released in about 1.5 years, on average, and sometimes within mere months.

“It’s shocking,” he proclaimed.

The story was published back in November of 2022, which revealed that “thousands of child molesters are being let out after just a few months, despite sentencing guidelines.”

The story highlighted how over 7,000 inmates convicted of “lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age” were released from prison the same year they were sent to prison. 

The Daily Mail’s report used information from a database—created in 1994 following the passage of Megan’s Law at the federal level. This law required law enforcement to publicize information concerning registered sex offenders. The British outlet reviewed data in California through July 2019. 

“Everyone should be really upset and frightened by this,” Dordulian declared.

Per Dordulian, child molesters are prone to recidivistic activity and are four times more likely to be repeat offenders. 

“Once they’re out,” he observed, “they are going to re-offend and there’s going to be another child that is victimized by these people.”

Dordulian noted that the early releases are the product of several laws that were passed in the past decade that privilege criminals. One law that stood out was Prop. 57, a 2016 ballot initiative that grants prisoners earlier paroles, lighter prison time for good behavior, and sentences criminals only for their “base” crime, which ignores other charges that could otherwise enhance their sentence. 

“And that is unthinkable,” he declared.

Dordulian took the current Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón to task for his lax crime policies. 

“That is not the way I used to prosecute crimes,” he noted.

He believes that prosecutors are more fixated with helping criminals, and not protecting victims.

“[The] attitude has completely changed,” he asserted. He added that public officials are “doing everything you can to see how you can help this poor criminal who committed this crime.”

Back when he was working with the LA County DA, Dordulian noted that prosecutors searched for ways to maximize sentences to keep criminals behind bars for as long as possible, largely due to the high recidivism rates for pedophiles.

Epoch Times observed “That included charging them [child molesters] with every lewd touch they made on a child.” Each touch “allowed up to eight years of imprisonment,” per The Epoch Times report. 

“You would then be able to have [a] significant maximum sentence,” he highlighted. “All that work we would put in to make sure [a molester] was going to get a high sentence is thrown out the window,” now.

In Dordulian’s view, some of the reasons used to justify the passage of Prop. 57 were prison overcrowding, the annual cost of over $100,000 to house convicts, and the assumption that the traditional funding could be allocated more towards rehabilitation. 

However, Dordulian called attention to a 2018 state audit, which found that money spent on rehabilitation had little effect on recidivism.

“It has little to absolutely no impact on criminals reoffending,” he stated. “Rehabilitation is not working in California.”

Indeed, lax criminal justice policies are the policy blight of our time. Once respected cities are transforming into real life Gothams where criminals can prey on the innocent with virtual impunity. Such lawlessness is the province of third world polities not respectable nations such as the US. 

Nationalists must rise to occasion and position themselves as sane political actors by standing up for law & order. It’s abundantly clear that the current crop of political leaders refuse to take up this mantle. 


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