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Former Lincoln Project Staffers Call for Disgraced Neocon Group to be Shut Down After Grooming, Sexual Harassment Scandal

The end of the road for the Lincoln Project?



The neocon Lincoln Project is rapidly dying, with two former staffers of the establishment liberal group calling for the PAC to be shut down in the wake of John Weaver’s pedophilia scandal.

The downfall of the group come as a second allegation of grooming and sexual harassment of a minor is leveled against Weaver, who has become a political disgrace for accounts of grooming that more than 20 young men and boys have reported.

In even more damning fashion, multiple reporters have published accounts revealing that Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt was notified of the outstanding allegations against Weaver in March 2020 by text and by email. Schmidt resigned from the Project last week.

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Kurt Bardella, a former spokesman and advisor to the neocon group, candidly admitted that there was no coming back for the Lincoln Project and that it was time to shut it down.

Bardella also removed his affiliation with the Lincoln Project from his Twitter bio just days ago, suggesting a connection with the establishment anti-Trump group has become an embarrassment in political circles.

Left-wing lawyer George Conway, the spouse of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, openly agreed with Bardella that it was time to shut down the Lincoln Project in the wake of its numerous scandals. Payment processors ended their relationship with the organization last week, cutting off the grift of the group’s multimillionaire consultant operators.

With the group’s backers turning on it, it now looks likely that the inappropriately named project will enter the historical record with ignominy as the grift of a sexual predator.

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The Swamp

Whistleblower Who Placed Bill Clinton at Epstein’s Pedo Island Now Cooperating with Ghislane Maxwell Investigation

Sweating, Bill?



A longtime Bill Clinton aide who came forward with shocking claims that the former President had visited Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous “pedophile island” in the early 2000’s, is now cooperating with federal authorities who continue to investigate Ghislane Maxwell during her ongoing sex trafficking trial, Big League Politics has learned.

In recent weeks, Doug Band has spoken to two criminal investigators working on the Southern District of New York’s prosecution of Maxwell.

Doug Band was the third witness to specifically allege that Clinton had visited the island of Little Saint James, and the first personally connected to the powerful Democrat. Two other witnesses have alleged seeing Clinton on Epstein’s island, including one Epstein trafficking victim and a handyman who was employed by the pedophile oligarch on the island. Band asserted in an interview with Vanity Fair that Clinton visited the infamous sex trafficking island in January of 2003, shortly after a “charitable” trip to Africa with Epstein.

Band started working in the Clinton White House in 1995, only leaving the neoliberal dynasty’s orbit in 2012. It’s possible that the SDNY investigators may have asked Band about Clinton’s personal connections with Epstein and his international pedophile ring, although Clinton had a relationship with Maxwell that lasted for decades- even after Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 solicitation of underage prostitution conviction.

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Maxwell’s upcoming sex crimes trial may prove to further enlighten Epstein’s sex trafficking operation, serving as the trial that the mysteriously deceased Democrat megadonor never had. Clinton has strenuously denied ever visiting Little Saint James, even as three different credible witnesses with personal connections to either himself or Epstein say he traveled there.

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