Former NATO Secretary-General Claims Donald Trump Would Sabotage the Russo-Ukrainian War

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former secretary-general of NATO, believes former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign is nothing but bad news.

“I think President Trump will be a loser,” the 12th NATO secretary-general said during an interview with The Politico. 

Rasmussen added that “His baggage is too heavy, too controversial.” Prior to assuming the position of NATO secretary-general, Rasmusen served as Denmark’s prime minister from 2001 to 2009.

Rasmussen is particularly fearful of Trump winning the Republican presidential nomination. He believes that the former President could potentially derail Western efforts to provide military aid and long-term security guarantees to Ukraine. Rasmussen fears that Trump winning the nomination could shatter the Uniparty consensus on Ukraine due to his realist/restrained views on the Russo-Ukrainian War. Rasmussen believes Trump’s Ukraine policy would result in “surrender.”

“I call it a geopolitical catastrophe if Trump were to be nominated, because in the campaign his influence would be destructive,” Rasmussen stated. “It would move Trump’s terrible ideas closer to the mainstream and make it harder to secure congressional support for the war.”

The former Danish Prime Minister alluded to opinion polls showing “a weakening of the support for Ukraine” among the American electorate. Trump’s nomination could accelerate this process. Rasmussen added: “The mere fact that his thinking appeals to a certain element, a certain segment of the American public, will push American politics in the wrong direction.”

“I really hope that Republicans will get their act together,” he continued. “I do hope, I would say not only from a European perspective but from a global perspective, that Republicans will nominate a candidate that is much more attached to American global leadership than Trump and Trumpists.”

There is a growing partisan gap in terms of the support for the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Per a Gallup poll released in February, during the time of the first-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, f81% of Democrats desired Ukraine to recapture its lost lands even if it means that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict will turn into a perpetual war. By contrast, only 53% of Republicans held the same beliefs. Only 10% of Democrats believed the US was doing too much to support Ukraine, while nearly half of Republicans believed   American aid had been excessive.

Rasmussen’s anti-Trump comments should be treated as a glowing endorsement of the former President. The fact is that the globalist ruling class in the Collective West is obsessed with prolonging the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. As a former leader in the NATO hierarchy, Rasmussen has every reason to call for the US and its NATO satrapies to continue the conflict in Ukraine. 

Trump should absolutely stick to his guns and continue advocating for restraint in this conflict. There is no need for the US to enter a conflict with a nuclear peer competitor.

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