Former President Donald Trump Criticizes Joe Biden’s Warmongering

Former President Donald Trump criticized the Biden regime’s continued warmongering during a speech he gave in Erie, Pennsylvania on July 29, 2023.

“Congress should immediately vote to block Joe Biden’s recent call-up of reserve forces,” he declared, calling attention to the Biden regime’s recent invocation of reserves. Earlier in July, Biden called up military reserve troops to deploy to active duty in Europe as a part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The Defense Department subsequently approved hazard pay for military units stationed in Ukraine, that dates back to April 2023. The amount of hazard pay is up to an additional $225 monthly.

“We’re sending troops to Europe to fight,” Trump continued, as the crowd booed those efforts. “We’re sending troops to fuel this escalating conflict. Not a single American life should be put at risk because Crooked Joe Biden has been illegally paid off. He’s been paid off,” Trump stressed.

Trump was making a reference to recent revelations that the CEO of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company where Hunter Biden sat on its board. The CEO said that he paid Hunter and Joe Biden $10 million in total. The money sent to the Bidens was allegedly used to help the company both with extricating itself from investigations into the Biden’s sketchy business in Ukraine, and to set up a foothold in the American market. 

The US government has been doling out billions of dollars in aid and weapons to Ukraine since Russia invaded Ukraine back on February 24, 2022. Thus far, that aid has not made a major impact on the battlefield. .

“This is a corrupt president,” Trump declared.

“I would of never said, that,” he added, “I have too much respect for the office of the presidency. And I never said that, I can’t say great things about him because he’s been a horrible president, but I would never say–but y’know what? Now we have to take the gloves off. They took the gloves off so now we take the gloves off.”

“And Europe,” Trump added, “should be paying their fair share–they’re not.” While in office, Trump urged NATO member states to start paying more for their own defense and not have the US assume the bulk of the defense spending. 

Trump has stressed that had he been in office in 2022, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine. He added that if he were re-elected as president, Trump would end the conflict between the two countries within days.

Trump is the only realist candidate in the 2024 presidential elections. His Republican rivals are nothing but neoconservative hacks who want to continue the perpetual war status quo that dominates US politics. 

If Americans are serious about peace and want to maintain real national security, they would pull the lever for Trump in 2024.

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