Former President Donald Trump Ridicules Ron DeSantis for “Bootgate” Incident

On October 31, 2023, the Trump Campaign disseminated a statement on reacting to “bootgate,” a controversial topic debating whether or not 2024 Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has used inserts for his boots to boost his height.

“A scathing new article from POLITICO about Ron DeSanctimnonious’ high-heeled shoes comes on the heels of an embarrassing interview on the Patrick Bet-David show that led to #bootgate trending on X,” Trump spokesman Steven Cheung declared in a statement.

“When asked directly about why his boots look like stilts, DeSanctus offered up the implausible explanation that he just wears off-the-rack Lucchese boots, doing major brand damage to a great American footwear company. If there are any enterprising journalists willing to contact the Lucchese press team for their thoughts on DeSanctus, they are reachable here.”

The statement called attention to the “laughable claim” made by DeSantis that he is 5’11″, continuing by noting that “instead of telling the truth and just being comfortable in his own skin, he resorts to borderline psychotic behavior by lying to the American people. Is that what this country wants in a president?

Patrick Bet-David grilled DeSantis about the boots that became a viral Internet topic after the Florida governor’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. Bet-David said after playing the highly-viewed TikTok, “what they’re trying to say with this is that in your boots, you have heels.”

“No, no, no those are just standard off-the-rack Lucchese,” answered DeSantis.

“How tall are you?” Bet-David inquired.  DeSantis then replied that he is 5’11″.

Bet-David then asked why DeSantis doesn’t wear regular shoes, which DeSantis replied by claiming that he does wear tennis shoes when he goes to work out. 

“This Halloween, Ron DeSanctimonius and team woke up to the horrific sight of seeing themselves getting dunked on all over social media for Ron’s bizarre choice in footware,” the Trump campaign email stated. 

The email highlighted a Politico piece, in which the outlet reached out to three world-class shoemakers who indicated that it was likely DeSantis was using lifts for his boots. The shoe experts observed the heel on the cowboy boot, which was shorter than normal, in addition to the wider top, as for the reasons why they believe DeSantis is using lifts. 

“The DeSimps melted down in defense of DeSanctimonious proving once again that they’re nothing more than DeSanctus bootlickers (literally),” the email added. “Maybe instead of focusing on lifting his height, he should focus on lifting his poll numbers [Where Trump has thoroughly dominated as the prohibitive favorite to receive the GOP nomination].”

While such attacks may be petty, they’re indicative of the superficial and insecure nature of the DeSantis campaign. It’s just filled with low energy platitudes, wishy-washy posturing to clumsily placate neoconservatives and America First, and a vindictive energy that belongs in a Mean Girls movie. 

At this point, DeSantis should bow out of the race and do what he does best — govern Florida.

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