Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao “Knew About” Ghislane Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Activities in 2011

Former Reddit CCEO Ellen Pao admitted that she “knew” about Ghislane Maxwell’s activities involving trafficking underage girls for sex when meeting the longtime Jeffrey Epstein associate in 2011. Pao made the admission in a Monday night tweet.

Maxwell was arrested by the FBI last week after a lengthy investigation into her alleged activities as Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madame,’ allegedly procuring underage girls for the pedophile billionaire to abuse with his network of politically elite and wealthy friends.

Pao spoke of attending a party for the Silicon Valley elite in 2011 that Maxwell had attended, and taking a picture with the longtime Epstein associate while supposedly knowing of Maxwell’s alleged criminal activities.

Pao, a longtime CEO of Reddit widely known for her drive to impose left-wing political censorship on the once open platform, later walked back her stark admission, claiming that she merely “suspected” Maxwell of involvement in the sexual trafficking of underage girls. Pao, who resigned from Reddit in 2015 as the user base tired of her proclivities towards censoring the platform’s autonomous subreddits, excoriated the company for refusing to get rid of The_Donald early enough, after the platform finally caved to liberal censorship demands and removed the subreddit last month.

One would think that if the tech executive was aware of sexual crimes against minors involving Maxwell and Epstein, that she’d report such activities to the authorities to put them to a stop. However, Pao has spoken of any connection with Epstein or Maxwell before, despite attending a party with Maxwell in 2011 by her own admission.

It’s possible Pao made the admission to “get ahead” of the possible release of a photo that contains Maxwell and her together, a picture she claims exists in her initial tweet acknowledging Maxwell’s alleged activities.

The Silicon Valley executive made her Twitter account private hours after the suspicious admission.

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