Former RINO Congressman Will Hurd is Pushing for Gun Control

The voters in Texas’ 23rd congressional district caught a big break when former Congressman Will Hurd left office in 2021. 

In his time in office (2015-2021), Hurd was one of the squishiest Republicans in Congress as evidenced by his opposition to former President Donald Trump’s border wall. 

Now, he’s giving voters in Texas’ 23rd more of a reason to be glad that he’s out of office after penning a piece on June 6, 2022 at The New York Times calling for civilian disarmament.  

Hurd specifically advocated for red flag gun confiscation orders, universal background checks, and raising the minimum age to purchase most rifles to 21. 

The former Congressman’s demands for gun control came after the Robb Elementary massacre in Uvalde, Texas on May 24. Hurd used to represent Uvalde when he was in office. 

”Since 2009, 1,565 Americans have been killed in mass shootings,” Hurd declared. ”That’s more than the number of U.S. military personnel killed in hostile action in Afghanistan over the same period.”

‘Yet, neither horrifying headlines nor stunning statistics have generated substantial legislative action,” he continued. ”This inaction has caused the public, the media, and some of those same elected officials to believe that nothing can be done. But that simply isn’t true.”

In this piece, Hurd voiced his support for various legislative items such as H.R. 8, a House bill that mandates universal background checks for gun owners. 

He added:

The age to purchase a high-caliber semiautomatic weapon that can hold a high-capacity magazine should be the same as it is to purchase a handgun.

Hurd cited Florida’s current red flag law as a model for the federal government to follow:

We must also build, at the federal level, on successes like Florida’s ‘Red Flag’ law, that allow police officers and relatives to petition to temporarily confiscate firearms from individuals who may pose a danger.

Hurd is a consummate Swamp creature. He was a CIA spook who served in the intelligence agency from 2000 to 2009. Politicians with his background generally cannot be relied on to safeguard our liberties.

We can rest easy knowing that Hurd is out of office. However, there are plenty of slimy Republicans out here who are willing to sell out grassroots conservatives if the political opportunity permits it.

This where the grassroots comes in to remind them that there’s a major price to pay for betraying their constituents. At this tense moment in our history, we cannot let wayward Republicans derail the right-wing populist movement that’s needed to fully confront the managerial Left. 

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