Former Roy Moore Accuser’s Lawyer Snubbed Conservative Media, But Allowed WaPo to ‘Download’ His Phone

Eddie Sexton, former lawyer to Roy Moore accuser Leigh Corfman, admits that he allowed the Washington Post to “download his phone” while he refused to give information to Breitbart for fear they would report it.

Sexton, who admitted that there were “sex parties” at Corfman’s parents’ home and who admitted to believing Corfman “eff’d everyone in Gadsden” in court depositions, claims he refused to inform Breitbart that he dropped Corfman as a client for fear they would report it. While he mistrusted the conservative media powerhouse, he was willing to let the failing Washington Post “download” his phone to give them a wider perspective on the events in question.

The lawyer had dropped Corfman as a client shortly after an explosive Washington Post story that claimed Breitbart reporters had attempted to bribe him to drop her as a client.

Deer Stand Hill reported:

This is the first thing that puzzles me about this.  If Sexton viewed Breitbart as being “potentially adverse” to Corfman and he was willing to keep his decision to no longer represent her from the media on November 9th, why then did he agree to attend a meeting with Breitbart reporters just a few days later?  A November 13th meeting where Sexton claims he was offered money and a chance to meet Steven Bannon?  Wait what? Bannon=Breitbart back in those days!

Now having read that, let’s fast forward to March of 2018.

In my last post, I reported that Sexton actually allowed reporters to “download” his phone.  The information obtained was used as supporting material for an article that was published in March of 2018 in The Washington Post. Here is what Sexton told attorneys when asked about him allowing WaPo to download his phone.

The Washington Post is still in possession of this information, and has not shared it with the public. Only the Post and Sexton have a full image of what happened in the days before the special election that saw Democrat Doug Jones win a traditionally Republican district due to highly speculative claims of Moore’s alleged pedophilia.

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