Former Texas Senator Don Huffines Praises Anthony Sabatini for Taking on Drag Shows

A “Drag the Kids to Pride” event that took place in Dallas, Texas on June 4, 2022 provoked major outrage on the Right. 

At this event, kids were allowed to dance with performers. 

In response to this incident, Texas State Representative Bryan Slayton introduced a bill to ban minors from participating in such shows. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has watched the situation in Texas with interest and has now asked members of his staff to consider State Representative Anthony Sabatini’s proposal to criminalize the act of taking a child to a drag show.   

“We have laws against child endangerment,” remarked DeSantis at a news conference on June 8.

“I do think that targeting these kids with all this stuff, it used to be kids would be off-limits…now it just seems like there’s a concerted effort to be exposing kids more and more to things that are not age-appropriate,” DeSantis added. 

“I think our state, in Florida, we need to be a family-friendly state. We need to be a good state for people to be able to raise a family, get a high-quality education, have a lot of opportunities without having some political agenda shoved down their throats.”

In light of these new developments in Florida, former Texas Senator Don Huffines congratulated Florida for its leadership. He tweeted, “Glad to see Florida has courageous leadership.”


Huffines gained notoriety for challenging Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the 2022 gubernatorial primaries by running to his right on issues such as immigration.

Time will tell if Abbott will champion Slayton’s proposal. The incident that took place in Dallas shows how far that metropolitan area has fallen for leftist degeneracy.

A trip down memory lane shows that Ronald Reagan won Dallas County in 1984 by a vote of 66.4%-33.3%.


Fast forward to 2020, Joe Biden won the county handily 64.89%-33.29% 

This goes to show that political change can happen over the span of a few decades. Nothing is set in stone politics so it pays for populists to continue pushing hard for their cause and not relent. It’s those who are constantly pushing the envelope who transform the political landscape. Passivity is not an option during this existential crisis.

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