Former Texas State House Member Matt Rinaldi Announces his Run for Texas GOP Chair

On June 4, Texas Republican Party Chair Allen West stepped down from his position. Once the news of this development broke, former State House Representative Matt Rinaldi announced his candidacy for the Republican Party position.

“Last week, back room deals were cut in an attempt to strip [the Texas GOP] of its power to elect its own chair, vice chair, and members of the SREC,” Rinaldi asserted on Twitter.

Rinaldi was referring to the “resign-to-run” bill. Brad Johnson of The Texan noted that the bill was “saddled with extraneous provisions requiring Texas GOP leadership to be elected on primary ballots rather than at the state convention.” 

Rinaldi added, “We need a Chair willing to stand strong for the party and ensure that grassroots don’t lose their voice in the political process.” 

Regarding the new vacancy at the top of the Texas GOP, Rinaldi commented, “The party also needs a leader with a history of raising money and organizing party activists at the local level, who is also committed to its mission and legislative priorities.I look forward to earning the support of the SREC over the coming weeks.”

With the regular session of the Texas State Legislature coming to a close, there will be plenty of political jousting behind the scenes for the assumption of power within the GOP.

Matt Rinaldi was one of the most vocal firebrands in the Texas legislature during his time in office (2014-2018). After he defeated establishment mainstay Bennett Ratliff in the Republican primaries, Rinaldi became an instant champion of the Texas grassroots by pushing for Constitutional Carry and pro-life issues during his time in office.

For his devotion to conservative principles, Rinaldi was ranked as the most conservative state House member per Rice University’s Mark P. Jones’ rankings in 2015. Similarly, Jones’ study ranked Rinaldi as the third-most conservative member of the House.

Sadly, Rinaldi lost his seat in 2018 during the “Blue Wave” of that election cycle. The changing demographics of his district — which has seen an increased influx of foreign migrants and members of the professional managerial class — likely contributed to his defeat. 

Straight out of a scene from Atlas Shrugged, America’s most productive citizens in leftist cities like California are fleeing to Texas, thanks to its low tax, low regulation, and pro-quality of life policies. However, this could all go to waste if the current crop of Republican leaders doesn’t get their act together and start listening to the demands of grassroots voters.

Having Rinaldi as the Texas Republican Party chair will get the parties’ priorities straightened out. Let’s hope that Texas Republicans get the memo and easily vote in Rinaldi as state chair.

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