Former Texas State Representative Hints at Texit 

August 8, 2022, like January 6, 2021, will be a date that will forever disabuse the naive politicos who comfort themselves with banal tropes that it “can’t happen here” when it comes to tyranny arriving in the US.

Those with sober minds have realized that America has entered a proverbial Rubicon moment that there’s no going back from. No nostalgic appeals to the 1950s nor the Constitution will change that. 

Former Texas State Representative Jonathan Stickland is part of a growing number of politically aware people who know the score.

On August  9, 2022 tweeted,  “FBI is an enemy of liberty.

#TEXIT may be only option left.



Texit refers to the process of Texas exiting the union and “becoming an independent, self-governing nation.” This is an initiative being pushed by the Texas Nationalist Movement.

In previous decades, the idea of a TEXIT would have been derided as fringe. But now, in an era of mass polarization and broad-based societal decay, the idea of Texas pursuing its own political destiny separate from a decadent superstate. 

For his part, Stickland was one of the most principled political leaders in the Texas State House when he served as a state representative from 2013 to 2021. Stickland was the elected official who put Constitutional Carry on the map in Texas politics. Despite him not being present in the state legislature when Constitutional Carry was passed in 2021, Stickland’s work was instrumental in normalizing the concept among average Republican lawmakers and activists. 

The fact that Stickland is now entertaining a potential TEXIT scenario just shows how much political opinion is changing in the US with regards to separatism. As the country grows more unstable, more political figures — active or retired — will be gravitating towards decentralist concepts such as nullification and secession. 

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