Former Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Reveals He Asked POTUS to Fire “Evil” Anthony Fauci Twice

Former Trump White House policy advisor and economic nationalist Peter Navarro revealed he had asked President Trump to fire authoritarian bureaucrat Anthony Fauci twice while in office, referring to the government doctor as “evil.”

Navarro was speaking in an interview with Seattle radio host Jason Rantz Wednesday.

Navarro revealed that he engaged with Fauci in a “screaming match” in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, with the constantly shifting medical “expert” strenuously opposing the imposition of a travel ban on China when President Trump enacted it. Fauci also opposed the wearing of face masks at the time, later evolving to support nearly every novel “public health” restriction on the public.

I did tell the President on two different occasions that he should fire Fauci, and I said it early on.” Navarro said he didn’t fault President Trump for declining to act on his advice to fire Fauci, noting his purview was trade policy rather than medical science.

Navarro made the suggestion that the Chinese coronavirus was partially engineered in a laboratory setting, with gain-of-function research serving to enhance the virus’ formidable powers of transmission.

Fauci was recently caught lying about his involvement in gain-of-function research, which involved manipulation of pathogens to make them more infectious and dangerous to mankind for supposed “research” purposes. As head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci had funded experiments regarding coronaviruses(a broad family of viruses) at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the very Chinese state-owned laboratory some have pointed to as a likely source of the potent and novel COVID-19 disease.

Make no mistake about this… That man is evil,” said Navarro of the Biden administration medical czar.

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