Former TX GOP Chairwoman Says Democrats Want To ‘Ban’ The Bible In Texas

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The latest front in an ongoing nationwide “culture war” is open for business in Texas, and the stakes are much higher than bathrooms for the gender-confused, according to sources.

A barrage of laws, termed #BanTheBible bills by critics, are being introduced all over the country, the contents of which propose severely limiting and curtailing religious freedom in the name of creating affirmative “rights” for trans people to end everyone else’s “rights” to think differently, and choose different paths. 

Cathie Adams, formerly president of Texas Eagle Forum, and chair of the Republican Party of Texas, was contacted for her views on the matter. Adams was on the front lines in the culture war. Phyllis Schlafly’s legacy lives on in people like her.

“This is an existential fight for Western Civilization we are talking about,” Adams told Big League.

“The foundation of Western Civilization is based on certain principles, namely that there is a ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ I don’t think that society can stand without a moral platform, and that platform in Western Civilization is based on Biblical truths,” she continued.

Adams was a vocal opponent of Obergefell and Windsor, and a tireless roadblock to all attempts to soften our party’s platform on social issues, advocating a “special legislative session” on gay marriage (i.e. re-OUT-lawing).

Bathrooms are one thing, but Adams says the #BanTheBible bills are in a new universe of bad ideas.

“So this is something would be far greater than … This is really going to the heart of the issue, so it’s very different from the bathroom issue. There is a right and wrong; it’s based on Judeo-Christian principles, and when you have people saying, ‘you can’t say this, you can’t think this,’ how about we just abide by the rule of law,” Adams stated.

“There’s a new president in the White House,” Adams concludes.

Adams’ optimism may not be unjusitified, but even while using similar “trite-and-true” defensive tactics that worked on bathrooms, conservatives are not finding a warm seat at the table for anything remotely smelling of challenging LGBT issues much at all this session, due to the high court rulings.

And that is why the proposed legislation offered up by the gay lobby is so threatening at the moment: because it isn’t about the gay lobby at all, at least — not directly. It’s about speech codes for right-leaning Americans, and consigning true democratic debate to virtual freedom ghettos where conversations and disagreement are only “permitted,” all for our protection and to “keep the peace.” We had that system folks: it was called Jim Crow, or “separate but equal.”

A full list of all the so-called #BanTheBible bills filed in Texas can be viewed by clicking here.

Texas lawmakers are at risk of assuming that the chosen legislative package offered by various gay 501cs will be largely symbolic and a virtual “hurumph” to their San Francisco puppet-masters, but it may be much more.

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