Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Claims Ukraine is Run by CIA and MI-6 Operatives

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov declared on January 23, 2023 that the United States Central Intelligence Agency and the British MI-6 effectively run Ukraine.

“Ukraine is now very seriously governed not by [President Vladimir] Zelensky, not by [Ukrainian defense ministry’s intelligence directorate chief Kirill] Budanov, not by [commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces Valery] Zaluzhny, but by special groups of highly-qualified specialists in military science and intelligence who represent first of all the Central Intelligence Agency and MI-6. They steer practically all steps allegedly taken by Zelensky and Zaluzhny,” Azarov said during an interview with the Solovyov Live television channel.

The Ukrainian authorities are allegedly carrying out pre-packaged plans “under supervision from Western specialists,” he continued. 

Azarov said to the Izvestia newspaper that Ukraine’s readiness for engaging in peace talks depends entirely on the US, therefore demonstrating Ukraine’s lack of sovereignty on these matters. It’s no secret that the Collective West has had its sights set on Ukraine for some time.

It’s been part of a broader Anglo-American strategy to disconnect Russia from its traditional sphere of influence. As one of the world’s well-established civilizations, Russia is not going to stand by idly as the West encroaches on its historical domain. It will assert itself in a violent manner if provoked.

We’re now seeing this take place in a tragic manner in Ukraine, as the country’s armed forces are being ground down in a nasty war of attrition. To end this tragedy, the US must halt its military aid campaign and let the Russians and Ukrainians sort this conflict out among themselves. The Collective West has only made matters worse in this conflict. 

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