Colorado Elementary Schools’ DEI Groups Joined Forces To Push Drag Queen Story Hour On Kids

The left alongside woke organizations is pushing hard for Drag Queen events that feature children.

The most circulated example from this Pride Month was the “Drag The Kids To Pride” event held at a bar in Dallas, Texas. It revolved around drag queens and children, with activities ranging from musical chairs to a sexualized show by the drag queens in attendance — which children took part in.

Displayed signs read, “it’s not gonna lick itself” and “I licked it so it’s mine.”

That event fueled the most conservative and parental backlash thus far, thanks to the Twitter account LibsOfTikTok, in addition to various other accounts and outlets who have called out these drag events for what they are; child abuse.

But these drag events run deep. They are embedded within so many woke organizations and institutions across the county – even though far too many people don’t realize that yet. Instead, they think it’s a one-off event here and there when in reality they are actually a coordinated effort to introduce children to a series of adult themes and sex-crazed topics under the guise of a “family-friendly” drag event.

For example, in Colorado, four elementary schools’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) groups  joined forces to promote a drag queen story hour event earlier this month.

According to The Daily Wire: “Erie, Colorado’s Meadowlark Elementary School’s Parent, Teacher and Student Association committee announced that its DEI committee would team up with the DEI groups at three other elementary schools in Erie to participate in the town’s first Pride celebration.”

In a Facebook post published on June 1, Meadowlark Elementary’s DEI committee wrote “Happy Pride Month! Please join and celebrate with us!!”

“All are welcomed to join in the celebration,” it added. “[DEI groups will] sponsor and hand out rainbow flags at the main entrance points.”

The event was set around drag queen Shirley Delta Blow, who is a third-grade male teacher at The Studio School just north of Denver.

While similar organizations promoted and encouraged the event, many parents voiced their concerns. It was flagged by a Parents Defending Education, a “grassroots organization that says it works to fight indoctrination in the classroom.”

Of course, this is just one example of many. There are numerous drag queen events infiltrating schools across the country. And parents are finally taking notice and speaking out.

Pizza Hut is another culprit, as the company has transformed its infamous BOOK IT! Program (which has been a unique program for the organization since 1984) to encourage children to read more LGBTQ books in exchange for free pizza.

Now, Pizza Hut is promoting a book that features a little boy dressed in drag.

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