Fourth Afghan Migrant is Arrested for the Gang Rape and Murder of a 13-Year-Old Austrian Girl

The fourth and final Afghan migrant accused of gang raping and then murdering a 13-year-old Austrian girl in June was apprehended in London on Thursday.

The four Afghan migrants allegedly plied 13-year-old girl, referred to only by her first name of Leonie in reports, with a copious amount of illegal drugs before viciously gang raping her, murdering her and leaving her near a tree in Austria.  

Authorities reportedly became aware of the suspects after they were bragging about their vicious escapade. Austrian Chief Public Safety Officer Franz Ruf has noted that the Afghan refugees are bringing crime with them from their home country.

“These figures show that there are serious crimes, mainly refugees from Afghanistan,” Ruf said.

One of the alleged rapists, an 18-year-old Afghan migrant, reportedly told authorities that it was “own fault that she died” because “she took drugs and ran away from home.” Another 22-year-old Afghan migrant had been arrested as a suspect for three prior crimes but had not been deported.

As public anger grew against the migrants for the alleged act, a far-left group demonstrated violently against the news media for reporting the facts of the situation. They apparently believe the facts are racist and must be hidden from the public so more potential gang-rapist murderers can be imported from third-world hellscapes without an outcry.

The display can be seen here:

“You say sexual violence against… women, lesbians, intersex non-binary and trans people is imported. We say violence against [them] is the cruel consequence of a sexist society, capitalism and patriarchy,” the leftist thugs wrote in a letter to the eo24 news portal, containing the typical gibberish devoid of any meaning.

The feminists seemingly arguing in favor of foreign gang-rapists have only added to the disgust from the Austrian people. Niki Fellner, the oe24 managing director, said the “violent incursion” should be punished to the maximum extent of the law. The leader of Austria even chimed in against their actions.

“To speak of a ‘racist diversion’ here is a mockery of the victim and a slap in the face of the bereaved. I deeply reject that,” said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who said there are no excuses for the “bestial act” committed by these migrants.

As the West breaks down under the yoke of diversity and multiculturalism, more rapes and murders will inevitably come to fruition. The leftists who believe diversity is a strength will inevitably rally around the criminal scum infesting Western Civilization. Who’s propagating rape culture now?

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