Fox Cartoon Show ‘Family Guy’ Releases Propaganda Pushing COVID-19 Vaccines

The popular Fox cartoon program, Family Guy has released propaganda pushing dangerous and experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Family Guy produced a video pushing the Big Pharma propaganda featuring popular characters of the show released over social media:

They worked with the Ad Council to promote their propaganda campaign, “It’s Up to You.” The president and CEO of the Ad Council, Lisa Sherman, praised Family Guy for shilling for the jab.

“With millions of Americans still unsure about getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that we have smart, informative and entertaining messages like this that will boost confidence in the vaccines,” said Ad Council CEO Lisa Sherman. 

“This new work from Seth MacFarlane and the team at Family Guy is bringing critical vaccine information to audiences in a fresh and hilarious way that will surely inspire people to take the next step in slowing the pandemic. We are grateful to our partners at Disney and Fox for their passion and collaboration at this pivotal moment in time,” she added.

Big League Politics has reported on how the entertainment industry is getting paid to produce propaganda as the full-court press continues to push the jab on the confused and disillusioned masses:

The state of Colorado is paying social media influencers with large followings on major tech platforms to push COVID-19 vaccine propaganda, Axios has discovered.

The administration of far-left Colorado Governor Jared Polis is sending federal CARES Act money to Denver-based Idea Marketing to capture social media influencers for the propaganda campaign. They have doled out $8.8 million to this firm thus far to coerce vaccinations.

Jessica Bralish, the state public health agency’s spokesperson, said to Axios the Polis administration is giving these payouts “because we know that all too often diverse communities are asked to reach out to their communities for free — and to be equitable, we know we must compensate people for their work.” Once again, the Democrats are using empty social justice rhetoric to push their evil policies.

The marketing firm is expected to soak up $1.25 million in federal money that could have otherwise went to small business owners and workers whose livelihoods were destroyed by COVID lockdown policies…

The COVID vaccine regime seems to align perfectly with dark prophecies of a new world order that runs roughshod over the rights of the individual. There may not be very much more time for free humanity to resist this satanic technocracy.”

The entertainment industry is doing pure propaganda for the emerging technocracy, and they hope to sucker unsuspecting individuals into taking dangerous shots before the long-term side effects can be truly understood.

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