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America First Victory at Fox: Judge Jeanine to Return to Fox After Questioning Islam, Sharia

The formerly conservative news network caved to the massive outcry to allow Judge Jeanine to return.



Jeanine Pirro Returns Fox News

During a conversation with President Donald J. Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity confirmed Judge Jeanine Pirro’s program will return to its lineup this Saturday after the network weathered weeks of conservative backlash.

As President Trump thanked news personalities who were fair to him during the media’s two year disinformation campaign surrounding the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, he mentioned Pirro by name, saying he hoped she would return to the network, telling Hannity, “I hope she’ll be back soon.”

This prompted Hannity to respond immediately, “She’s back Saturday.”

Fox News infamously negotiated with the terrorist-affiliated Council on American Islamic Relations in its decision to suspend Pirro’s show from its lineup for the last two weeks, after the host correctly questioned whether antisemitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar could uphold the U.S. Constitution while appearing to believe in Sharia Law.

Big League Politics reported:

Despite the claims of many Muslim women that it is “their choice” to wear a hijab, the truth of the matter is that according to Sharia —the “Sacred Path of Islam”, wearing head coverings for women is “Obligatory” in most of the Muslim world.

In Chapter “w” Section 23 of “Reliance of the Traveller”—the sharia manual for Muslims, it states that the hijab is obligatory under Sharia. “A woman must not reveal anything except her hands and her face when outside the home and on the street.”

In other words, Pirro was speaking the truth and nothing but the truth.

Following the segment, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) wrote a letter to Fox News, calling for Pirro to be fired for what they called “Islamophobia”.

Since Pirro’s suspension, Big League Politics also broke the bombshell story that Fox News’s Shepard Smith stands accused of sexually assaulting another man, allegedly groping him and kissing him against his will while the man was drunkenly sleeping in Smith’s spare bedroom.

Fox News has refused to suspend the anti-Trump show host even as a petition calling for his removal from the network continues to gain steam.

Apparently sexual assault allegations are fine, so long as the show host does not question Sharia Law.

Fake News Media

Media Lied: President Trump Did Not Claim Operation Desert Storm Occurred During the Vietnam War

The corporate media has been peddling an edited clip.



The mainstream media falsely reported that President Donald Trump confused the setting of ‘Operation Desert Storm,’ a military name for the 1990 Gulf War, during a July 4th speech on the White House lawn on Sunday. The media accused President Trump of falsely stating that Desert Storm was a military operation that took place during the Vietnam War.

Liberals associated with political organizations such as the Lincoln Project and media groups such as PoliticusUSA displayed edited video clips and made dishonest claims that the President had conflated Operation Desert Storm and the Vietnam war, hoping to score a partisan political point.

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In contrast to the claims of partisan liberals, President Trump clearly drew a distinction between combat operations in Vietnam and in Kuwait in 1990, having referred to the events in successive fashion.

Other mainstream media pundits and journalists shared claims that Trump had made the mistake, going on to delete their false claims after the erroneous nature of the claim became apparent on social media. Twitter ultimately ended up labeling the claims that the President conflated the two as “manipulated media,” possibly hoping to score credibility with conservatives by executing the bare minimum of content moderation as the platform rampantly censors the free speech of President Trump, conservatives, and right-wingers.

A reporter from MSNBC is yet to delete her tweet falsely accusing the President of confusing Desert Storm and Vietnam, even after the clip she originally retweeted has been delete in acknowledgment of its dishonesty.

These are some very dishonest people, folks.


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