Fox News Faces Backlash After Calling House For Democrats Before Polls Closed

Fox News made a blunder that sparked backlash during their live election coverage Tuesday night, calling the House for Democrats before polls even closed on the West Coast.

“This is interesting. ⁦⁩ calls the House while California is still voting for 90 min. They could be right, but if Republicans continue to turn out in the Golden State, things could shift. The network will face a lot of questions after tonight and this is one of them,” said Breitbart host Joel Pollak.

“So did FoxNews actually call the House for Democrats before polls in CA even closed?” Bill Mitchell asked.

“Why the hell did Fox just call the House when they can’t even call Florida with 93% of the votes in?????? ,” said commentator Jordan Rachel.

Monday night, Fox cut away from Rush Limbaugh’s speech at a Trump rally to a stale panel on Laura Ingraham’s show, “The Ingraham Angle,” angering viewers.

How stupid can you people be? You interrupt Rush Limbaugh’s speech at the rally to role out the usual cast of stiffs we see on every other FOX program. Amazing how ignorant supposed professional media folks can be,” said a Fox viewer on Twitter.

What is happening at Fox News?

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