Fox News Gives Midterm Megaphone To NeverTrump Neocon Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro, the #NeverTrump neocon pedophile-tweet defender, now has his own show on Fox News. Or at least a temporary one, given just in time to spread his neocon message to the masses leading into the upcoming midterm elections.

It will be a panel show hosted on Sunday nights beginning Sept. 23. While it is only a four part series, the show is being served just as voters are making up their minds going into the midterm elections, which are vital to the future of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Shapiro, who only seems to have good things to say about President Trump when he’s groveling for a Supreme Court seat, will be given a prime opportunity. It is an opportunity that a pro-Trump commentator could use to to support pro-Trump midterm Republicans, but that Shapiro will almost certainly use to promote himself above all else.

The truth is that Shapiro has never been a supporter of the president. Any of the pseudo-support coming from him is out of political expedience to appease his base of followers, which he gained during his years working for Steve Bannon at Breitbart. Shapiro quit Breitbart when the Republican primaries were not going his way — promoting the Michelle Fields assault hoax against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

It is Shapiro that called Trump a liar, and claimed that there is “no shot” he will appoint a conservative to the Supreme Court. He was allegedly being paid by a pro-Ted Cruz cause to spread lies about Trump campaign officials.

Since the election of President Trump, Shapiro has refused to outright state whether he will support the president during his re-election bid in 2020. Not only that, but he has attempted to undermine major accomplishments made by Trump, like peace negotiations with North Korea, which he claimed was not an accomplishment.

Shapiro has also propped up so-called conservative figures like Kassy Dillon, who got her start through pro-Trump figure Milo Yiannopoulos, but has since betrayed him.

Dillon, through her new gig at Shapiro’s website The Daily Wire, is attempting to make the young conservative movement embrace the same neocon positions of Shapiro by propping up figures such as UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. Despite being in Trump’s Administration, Haley has been extremely hostile to the president, with Trump once blasting her as “weak on illegal immigration” during a spat. Perhaps that’s why he has her off dealing with the rat race at the U.N. while the adults are working on domestic policies like immigration.

If this is what Shapiro is going to do with his own platforms, there’s no telling what he will do at Fox News. The only thing that is known is it will almost certainly not be good for pro-Trump Republicans on the ballot.

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