Fox News Host Jesse Watters To Officially Take Over Tucker Carlson’s Coveted 8PM Primetime Slot

Fox News host Jesse Watters is officially taking over Tucker Carlson’s coveted 8PM primetime slot.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, Watters is just one of the several prime-time changes the network announced on Monday.

Laura Ingraham was moved to the 7PM slot, which is earlier in the evening for her. And late-night talk show king Greg Gutfeld is being moved up an hour to 10PM.

Since Carlson was forced out by Fox News, the network has been noticeably struggling to maintain ratings.

More from WSJ:

After [Carlson] left, a rotating set of hosts handled the 8 p.m. slot, averaging around half of his three-million-plus audience.

There have even been rumors circulating around that Sean Hannity was poised to take over Carlson’s primetime spot. But this seemingly changed after less than favorable responses from the public. 

Carlson was the ratings powerhouse, so his departure has surely sent shockwaves throughout the primetime lineup. Especially as many Carlson fans have moved to Twitter and Rumble to catch the ex-host’s infamous monologues.

In case you missed it, Tucker Carlson’s biographer Chadwick Moore said Fox News booted the network star during the height of his cable television career on the same day he was planning to debunk more Jan 6 lies and discuss Ray Epps further.

Moore also said Carlson’s departure was part of the Dominion settlement. 

Now that Carlson has jumped ship, moving his show to exclusively Twitter, he has multiple episodes reaching over 100 million in viewership. Thus making the argument that Carlson is more popular than Fox News.

Now that Carlson is on Twitter, other conservative voices have announced their intentions to move to the platform. Like how Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing put it, Twitter is “the largest free speech platform in the world.” 

Boreing also stated his company would “invest even more into the platform” if Musk continues to stand by commitment of making Twitter “a home for free speech.” 

All while delivering on “monetization opportunities and more sophisticated analytics for content creators.”

As even the mainstream media would admit,  Twitter is quickly morphing itself into the go-to platform for conservatives.

This is as Fox News continues to struggle to fine tune its primetime lineup with more stability to score more of the viewership it ousted by booting the beloved Tucker Carlson.

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