Fox News is Allegedly Using AI to Impose Diversity and Inclusion Policies on Its Workers

Fox News has been recently accused of using an artificial intelligence system called Eskalera to ensure that the company complies with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies. The Daily Wire initially reported on this development, labeling it as “Woke AI” and declared that the technology scans content to ensure compliance with DEI values, demonstrating a shift in the work culture of media companies.

The AI is built in a way that allows for content to be tracked and reviewed so that it jives with DEI principles.  Fox News purportedly markets itself as a conservative network,but with this latest move it’s clearly moving in a woke direction with respect to its journalism. 

According to a screenshot from a Fox employee portal that conservative media personality Matt Walsh was able to acquire, the company called on employees to donate to the Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the L.A. LGBT Center. Walsh also revealed that Fox is urging employees to read what he deems as “explicit” LGBTQ books like one that provides a sexually explicit description of a “glory hole.”

Fox management  have instructed their employees to register for Eskalera, which has the goal of facilitating involvement in exercises that strengthen the understanding of individuality and do a deep dive into the many facets of Diversity in and Inclusion concepts.

Matt Walsh noted that Eskalera collects data from various channels that span email and payroll systems. It then creates a “peer comfort index” and a “diversity index.” These indices are partly based on the number of times in which employees take part in the practice of “micro-affirmations.”

No organization is exempt from wokism. Not even ostensibly conservative outlets such as Fox News can avoid these trends.

For that reason, the Right has to make sure that wokism is purged out of all institutions — public or private. No doubt about that.

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