Fox News Moderators Ignored Immigration Questions During 1st Hour of Republican Debate

Although Republican voters have placed immigration as their #1 issue heading into the 2024 presidential election, Fox News moderators Bret Baier and Martha McCallum did not even bother to ask a single question about the matter in the first hour of the Republican Party debate on the night of August 23, 2023.

No questions about ending illegal immigration or whether they would support slashing legal immigration were even broached during the first hour of the debate. 

Instead, the Fox News moderators mostly concentrated on questions concerning abortion rights, climate change, gun control, Ukraine, and former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles.

For years, likely Republican primary voters have said that clamping down on illegal immigration and restricting legal immigration are some of their top policy priorities. 

According to a recent CBS news poll, 81% of likely GOP voters indicated that halting illegal immigration is one of their top three issues they want Republican candidates to talk about. 

Unfortunately, the nature of conservative discourse in 2023 is of the establishment gatekeeping variety. Fox News is the embodiment of this ethos, which promotes perpetual wars abroad and mass migration. All talk about limited government and free enterprise is mere fluff that is never acted upon when Republicans take power. 

Immigration is the existential question of our time. It will ultimately make or break the US due to how uncontrolled flows of foreigners will not only change the nation’s overall character, but it will also empower the managerial state that seeks to dispossess Heritage Americans. 

Any avoidance of this topic will just make it harder for America First reformers to implement policies — immigration moratorium, ending birthright citizenship, ending chain migration, implementing E-Verify, etc. — that will get America’s immigration house in order. This is why it’s so important that dissident media be formed to challenge the prevailing narrative in the corporate press. These gatekeepers ultimately want to usher in the destruction of America and so that a dystopian multicultural order can be ushered in. 

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