France Is Trying To Assemble Alliance Of Countries To Go To War With Russia In Ukraine

At a press conference with his Lithuanian and Ukrainian counterparts on March 8, 2024, French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne highlighted an opportunity to deploy NATO forces to Ukraine that will work on demining the battlefield and will allegedly not engage in hostilities.

French President Emmanuel Macon previously entertained the concept of this European military deployment to Ukrainethe possibility earlier that the NATO military may be sent to Ukraine, the newspaper reminded. The majority of European countries, including Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, rejected the idea but the Baltic countries “are much more open to the idea,” the Politico report added.

France is asking for trouble here. The Ukraine-Russia conflict is a glorified border dispute with a broader geopolitical struggle against the background. Basically, elites in DC, with ethnic axes to grind, want to stick it to Russia. 

In fairness, Europe should be able to assume its own defense and security functions. 

However, the US should not be subsiding such ventures, much less committing ground forces to help out Ukraine. 

Russia is not playing games here. It views a NATO-aligned Ukraine as a major threat, which largely prompted its intervention on February 24, 2024.

At some point, the US and its NATO satrapies will have to come to grips with the reality that they can’t be intervening all over the planet. 

Resources are limited and when dealing with a nuclear armed power, the threat of military escalation increases exponentially. Perhaps it’s time for the US to reconsider its defense policy and start shifting its focus on security matters that are much more relevant to America such as securing its Southern border with Mexico.

The US’s current geopolitical approach is clearly not working and it’s also deluding many NATO member states into going into suicidal geopolitical ventures.

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