France: Potential Presidential Candidate Eric Zemmour Would Ban Foreign Names Like Muhammad 

If the author, political columnist, and anti-liberal polemicist Eric Zemmour assumes the French presidency next year, parents could be prohibited from giving their newborn babies foreign names.

Zemmour, who has yet to declare his candidacy for the 2022 French presidential election, says that he would like to see France re-enact a law first introduced by the eminent leader Napoléon Bonaparte in 1803 which required French babies to have French names, BFMTV reports.

At the time, French names included the names of saints in the Roman Catholic calendar, historical and mythological figures, and Celtic names.

“I think we need to turn people into French again. Previous generations of immigrants changed their name [to French]. There’s no reason the new ones shouldn’t do the same. It annoys me that after three generations, people still call their children Mohammad,” Zemmour said.

“I will reintroduce the law of 1803. The Frenchman will no longer have the right to name his son Muhammad,” he continued, adding that Anglo-Saxon names like Jordan or Kevin should not be authorized either.

Earlier this month, Zemmour’s show on CNews, which just so happened to be the most popular political news show in France, was canceled by the national media authority. Critics say the move was politically motivated and was taken to limit the rapidly growing popularity of Zemmour ahead of the next April’s elections. 

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