Fraser Anning Doubles Down: ‘We Need Castle Doctrine and The Right to Bear Arms’ in Australia

Australian Senator Fraser Anning garnered controversy following last week’s Mosque attacks in New Zealand by an eco-fascist terrorist after he blamed multiculturalism and the prevalence of Islam for the attack.

This made Anning an instant pariah among the liberal media and globalist elite, and he was even the victim of an egg attack from a punk kid who was then promptly disciplined with a backhand by the bold, nationalist Senator.

“You know it was a bit of a shock, someone hitting you from behind. A bit of a cowardly thing to do, to whack you in the back of the head,” Anning said during an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“I turned around and defended myself, I think that’s what most people, most sensible people would do,” he added.

Anning is undaunted by all of the leftist attacks against him whether physical or otherwise. He continues to look out for the best interests of his nation and is calling for more freedom for Australian citizens to defend against third-world invaders.

Leftists are even calling for Twitter to ban Anning and destroy his freedom of speech in order to stop the man from spreading verboten truths about Islam.

Anning is showing right-wing leaders how they need to behave in the face of adversity. Instead of bowing to the vicious and deceptive opposition, leaders should stand strong and make a bold stand for individual rights when the heat comes down from the fake news.

“A lot of people have been listening to the left-wing media, in my press release I’ve utterly opposed any form of violence in the community and totally condemned the actions of the gunman,” Anning said.

“It’s all okay for politicians who live behind their high fences, they don’t have to rub shoulders with these people, but [it is] the people in the street who are being attacked,” Anning said to journalists in Brisbane last week.

While the Left paints Anning like a pariah, his message is likely to resonate with the common people of Australia as the Islamic revenge attacks inevitably occur. They laughed at Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Matteo Salvini of Italy as well before they came into power. Anning could emerge as Australia’s desperately needed populist right-wing leader before long as globalism and multiculturalism continue to decline.

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