Free Market for the Win: Private Border Wall Goes Up Along South Texas Border

South Texas resident Tommy Fisher received a birthday present that any immigration patriot could hope for.

As of Sunday, January 12, 2020, Fisher’s construction crews started building three miles of border wall on private property in South Texas, KXAN reported.

After a federal judge rescinded a restraining order that impeded his plans, the president and CEO of Fisher Sand & Gravel Company claimed his workers constructed about half a mile of his private border wall design along the Rio Grande’s banks south of the town of Mission.

This wall design is currently patent-pending.

“That’s just two and a half days of building you’re seeing,” Fisher boasted while he gave Border Report a tour of this construction site on Wednesday afternoon.

“Once you galvanize and put that zinc coating on regular steel, it will bond for 100 to 125 years. And we paved the concrete road, so there’s no dust if you’re driving. So that’s why we like to call our whole system a ‘no rust, no dust’ solution to border security,” Fisher said when describing the steel material.

Fisher believes that building the wall so close to the river creates a barrier to curtail illegal immigration, while also making it a “safe and transparent” place for Border Patrol agents to inspect.

The South Texas resident said he is in negotiations with 50 other private landowners in the area about building the same design on their properties. However, he said he won’t do another job until the federal government agrees to purchase this one.

He is currently offering his 3-mile section of border wall to the Department of Homeland Security for $14 million, or $16.5 million with 10 years of total upkeep included, he stated.

Fisher expects the construction to be completed in 12 to 14 days.

It’s good to see immigration patriots take matters into their own hands and pitch in to keep our borders secure.

Hopefully, more people can follow in Fisher’s footsteps

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