‘Free Press’ Demands Facebook Ban Alex Jones & InfoWars AGAIN

Infowars Banned Petition Free Press

The website Free Press released a petition demanding Facebook ban all remnants of Alex Jones’ Infowars from its platform, including Paul Joseph Watson’s Prison Planet, NewsWars, and a fan-made Facebook Page.

A new petition from the website Free Press, which claims its goal is to fight “for your rights to connect and communicate,” demands Facebook immediately remove all trace of Alex Jones and Infowars from the platform, finishing what it started in August of last year.

The website specifically names “InfoWars LIVE, NewsWars and Prison Planet.TV” as the offending pages, though Big League Politics has confirmed that only one of these pages is controlled by Infowars.

Prison Planet.TV is controlled by Paul Joseph Watson, independently of Infowars, while InfoWars LIVE is a fan-made page, created to continue live streaming Infowars content to the platform after Alex Jones was banned. Speaking to Big League Politics, the creator confirmed that Facebook removed his ability to live stream on the page more than two months ago.

Infowars does, however, control NewsWars, where it posts articles from its new website.

Without providing evidence, the website claims Jones is a “conspiracy theorist” who is “racist, homophobic and xenophobic”, and claimed, again without evidence, that Jones is using Facebook to profit “from hate and conspiracy theories that harm people of color, Muslims, LGBTQ people, immigrants and victims of mass violence”.

Just yesterday, a fan-made Infowars channel was banned from the popular Internet streaming platform Roku, after the company buckled under outrage created by leftist mainstream media outlets.

Big League Politics reported yesterday:

Roku is the latest Big Tech company to censor radio host and TV personality Alex Jones’ Infowars, as the company deleted a fan-made Infowars Live channel less than 24 hours after it went public on the platform.

In a now-deleted tweet, Roku first promised to protect the First Amendment rights of all Americans and allow the content to remain on the platform. It was later followed up with a second tweet explaining their decision to delete the app.

It appears there is a renewed effort to unperson Jones, and remove his presence from the Internet entirely.

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