Free Speech Non-Profit Sues Texas State University for Free Speech Violations

The university’s harassment policy prohibits “unwelcome verbal, written, graphic, or physical conduct” considered to be “sufficiently severe or pervasive” targeted at people based on their sex and race.

The lawsuit contends that the policy clamps down on students’ speech by discouraging them from “expressing views that are outside the mainstream about the political and social issues of the day.”

The computer policy prohibits students from using “informational resources” the university provides to “affect the result of a local, state, or national election.”

The lawsuit makes the case that the policy bans students from using university email accounts to send political emails. In addition, it categorized it as a “vague, content-based, and overbroad restriction of protected speech.”

The lawsuit alleges that three students are suffering “concrete injuries” as a result of the harassment policy and they are in constant fear of their genuine political views being prohibited on campus. On top of that, the students fear that they cannot send out political emails due to the fear of potentially facing punishment. 

Indeed, universities are leftist think tanks no matter where they’re located. Even in red states such as Texas, such institutions will continue to disseminate leftist ideas and clamp down on right-wing dissent. It’s up to serious Republican governments to crack down on leftist universities by punishing them when they infringe on the rights of right-wing students. Additionally, these governments can go the extra mile by staffing these universities with serious right wingers and other figures that won’t infringe on the rights of dissenting voices in the student body.

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