Free Speech Social Media Platform Gab More Than Doubles Gettr’s Traffic, User Base

Free speech social media platform Gab raked in the lion’s share of traffic and user engagement at the end of 2021, easily doubling Gettr’s traffic and seemingly tripling it.

Statistics from web traffic gauging website indicated Gab received more than 18.5 million visits in December 2021, a figure considerable enough to rank it among 100 most popular websites in the world.

Gettr, which rose to prominence amid signups from high-profile users such as Joe Rogan in December and January, received 5.75 million visits in December. Rogan signed up on January 3rd, making it likely the site received even more visitors after the fact, potentially closing the gap with Gab.

Critics of Gettr have speculated the project will only end as its predecessor Parler did, deplatformed by the Big Tech Masters of the Universe the moment the platform is deemed a political inconvenience for progressives and the Left. Gettr utilizes Amazon Web Services, which denied service to Parler in the aftermath of the January 6th riot, a development Parler was unable to recover from.

Gettr has been accused of artificially inflating the follower counts of prominent users of the platform, appearing to merely add on eight million followers to Joe Rogan’s account when he signed up as a recognition of his existing Twitter following. Gab has been estimated to have an active user base of over four million earlier in 2021.

Gab was created in the summer of 2016 when the reign of Big Tech censorship was beginning to cast a foreboding shadow over the internet and stifle criticism of establishment politics worldwide. The site has endured and proven resilient to a bevvy of Big Tech censorship attempts, a must-have for any website seeking to provide a home for free speech online.

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