FREE SPEECH TECH: Mason Weaver Is Building A Safe House On Maven

Wednesday, Former Black Panther, Civil Rights Icon and Author of It’s Ok To Leave The Plantation The New Underground Railroad, spoke with Big League Politics about his controversial conservative activism and his new platform on Maven.

“I am building a safe place for all of the people who are escaping the liberals.  A place to gather for those who have walked away from the abusive system of the liberals.  Abused people need a safe place.  I want the people who are tired and scared,” Mason Weaver told Big League Politics.

According to Yahoo Finance on Monday, “Maven is a coalition of mavens operating on a shared digital publishing, advertising and distribution platform, unified under a single media brand. Based in Seattle, Maven is publicly traded under the ticker symbol MVEN.”

Maven (noun | ma·ven | ˈmā-vən): A professional, authentic authority, evangelist and recognized community leader for a specific topic, cause or organization.

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Weaver’s Maven site hosts many of his videos on topics of Conservatism, Christianity and leaving the Democrat Plantation.  Weaver told Big League Politics that the Maven is going to be a safe place for him personally because he has had his content regulated and censored.

Weaver has had videos such as “Black Lies Matter”, about his opinion of the Black Lives Movement removed from his Facebook page and YouTube Channel.  Weaver says social media is “fooling” with us.  ” I don’t want to argue with fools. Social Media does not allow me to be me.  I was looking for a new place, forget Zuckerberg,” Weaver said.

“James Heckman, a Christian conservative started Maven.  He built the platform. He promised me, and everyone who owns a channel there that I will not be regulated,” he said. “I can be as narrow-minded as I want to be there.”

“We are going to Swamp the Swamp at my channel and re-elect Donald Trump,” said Weaver.

On Wednesday he posted his commentary of an article about the violence in Chicago titled “Snitches Build Communities” criticizing the Black communities history of not cooperating with the Police.

“Black men are the problem and the solution to violence in our neighborhoods,” Weaver told Big League Politics.

He wrote the following:

72 shot with no arrest reveals a culture of failure.


“Black men are responsible for the violence in Chicago. The problem is not lack of programs and not racism. If black men wanted to stop the violence, no power on earth to stop them,” Weaver posted.


“Snitching helps clean up your community,” said Weaver, a Former Black Panther. “The Police in the Ghettos are protecting black women from black men,” he said.  “Viet Nam Veterans need to speak out. If the strongest black men can protect the world, then we can protect our neighborhoods.  You let pook and Rey-Rey run your wife and mother. If we are really men, then the problem in the black community are our problems,” Weaver said.

“I am armed all of the time because I am a man,” Weaver said. “It is time we cleaned up this mess and celebrating snitching,” he said.

Weaver says he hopes to get many other people in his rooms talking about their experiences with the abuse of liberals. He told Big League Politics he has been telling people to “Just Walk Away” from the Democrats for 23 years.

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