French Foreign Minister Vows that France Will Continue to Slavishly Support Ukraine

On July 9, 2023, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna announced that the French government was working on a new package of military aid to Ukraine. Moreover, she stressed that France will support Ukraine for as long as it takes.

“New deliveries of military assistance are being planned bearing in mind Ukraine’s immediate needs,” Colonna said during an interview with French radio station RFI. That said, she did not reveal what kind of weapons will be sent to Ukraine.

She noted France is ready to strengthen Ukraine’s potential “in the long-term perspective,” and that is why French President Emmanuel Macron has offered to have the French state train Ukrainian air force pilots.

“Our support is geared to satisfy, in cooperation with our allies and partners, the needs outlines by the Ukrainian authorities. First of all, this is about helping Ukraine defend itself in the short-term perspective <…>, focusing special attention on air defense and artillery. This support will be continued and enhanced,” she promised.

The leading French diplomat also called attention to how the French government is working with NATO allies on security guarantees that can be provided to Ukraine “not instead of, but along with the process of its integration into NATO.”

Once a respectable, sovereign nation that would be willing to buck prevailing geopolitical trends emanating out of Washington and London, France now seems content to act as a lapdog for the Anglo-American universalist agenda. The likes of former President Charles de Gaulle, who made it a point to pursue a relatively independent course during the Cold War, would be rolling over in their graves. 

If there is one EU and NATO member that could put an end to the insanity taking place in Ukraine, it’s France. However, its present leadership class is clearly infected by the universalist foreign policy mind virus that has swept across the Anglo-American axis. As a result, the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine will continue indefinitely. 

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