French Mayor Warns Ethnic French Facing “Ethnic Cleansing” From Neighborhoods by Migrants

The mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône in Eastern France is facing a cancel culture mob within his own establishment Les Républicains political party, after warning of ethnic cleaning of French people from their own neighborhoods by migrants. Gilles Platret made the claim earlier this week on French television.

What we see today in some neighbourhoods — and I will use a word that will necessarily make reactions around this table — I feel a kind of ethnic cleansing,” said the mayor, remarking on phenomenon in which ethnic French feel increasingly unwelcome in large swathes of France’s cities primarily inhabited by migrants.

People of foreign origin… gradually drive out what is called in demography natives, that is to say, people from the country, to make room,” warned Platret, citing France’s “Muslim bloc.”

Platret’s partisans in Les Républicains rushed to condemn the mayor, with one leftist demanding his immediate criminal prosecution. The existence of ‘no-go’ zones in French cities is well-documented, with women harassed and subjected to Sharia-law sanctioned sexual harassment from Islamic gangs.

It’s thought by political analysts that France could become the next western nation to elect a populist leader in its 2022. Two possible nationalist candidates, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, have polled as the strongest competitors to French President Emannuel Macron, suggesting a unity candidate could defeat the incumbent Macron in the presidential election’s runoff round.

A strong majority of 71% of French citizens now support a full moratorium on immigration, with the policy endorsed by ‘mainstream’ French politicians.

Even Macron has become a critic of American-style ‘woke’ culture, rejecting a growing cultural expectation that members of minority groups be afforded privileges and rights forbidden to those with western heritages.

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