French Nationalist Marine Le Pen Running Even With Emmanuel Macron in France’s Presidential Election

New opinion polling for France’s upcoming 2022 presidential election suggests that National Rally leader Marine Le Pen is running in a near-tie with French President Emmanuel Macron. Le Pen announced that she would run against Macron in a rematch election earlier this month.

In 2017, Macron had defeated Le Pen in France’s last presidential election, although she won the first round of the contest with 24% of the vote to Macron’s 21%. Voters formerly aligned with France’s once-vibrant socialist parties have flocked to National Rally, with their former parties failing to present a real opposition to the globalist neoliberal establishment.

Polling currently shows Le Pen running just behind Macron, at 48% to 52%. Le Pen was handily defeated in the second round of France’s last election, and a more competitive second round could easily result in a Le Pen victory.

The latest Le Parisien survey questioned 1,403 French voters throughout the country earlier this month.

Macron’s approval ratings have hovered in the 20’s recently, facing criticism from Right and Left for a perceived elitist style of governance and popular antipathy to coronavirus restrictions. France has been said to face a crisis of identity, with many in the nation opposing the adoption of American-style critical race theory throughout society and an alternate standard of conduct within France’s immigrant enclaves. Islamist terror has endured in France even as it has declined in frequency in other western countries. Le Pen’s National Rally has also moderated its Euroskeptic policies, advocating for reform of the European Union as opposed to taking France out of the political union.

2020 proved a challenging and disappointing year for many western populists and nationalists, with the political ramifications of the coronavirus epidemic working in the favor of the political establishment. 2022 could prove to be much different, with the French presidential election representing the next opportunity for a nationalist movement to take power in a major western country.

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