French Parliament Votes for the Accession of Finland and Sweden into NATO 

On August 3, 2022, the French parliament voted in favor ratifying the accession of Finland and Sweden into North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The two Nordic countries, which historically have maintained relatively neutral foreign policies over the last century, applied to join the United States-dominated military alliance following the launch of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. 

The French National Assembly voted 209-46 in favor of Finland and Sweden’s NATO application on August 3. In doing so, Press TV reported that France joined 20 other allies who “have already ratified the protocols.” 

In a similar vein, the US Senate voted in favor of the two Nordic countries’s accession to NATO on August 4. 

Back in early July, all 30 members of NATO signed an accession protocol for Finland and Sweden that would allow them to join the military alliance. 

All 30 member nations’ parliaments have to ratify Finland and Sweden’s ascension into NATO before the two Nordic countries can receive full Article 5 protection under the alliance’s charter in the case that they’re attacked. 

Initially, Turkey vetoed Finland and Sweden’s accessions into NATO on the grounds that they were allegedly backing Kurdish militant groups that Turkey deems as terrorist organizations. 

Finland announced its decision to join NATO on May 15, with Sweden following shortly thereafter. Both countries cited Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as the primary reason for joining NATO. 

While Russia treats Ukraine as a far more existential matter than countries like Finland and Sweden joining NATO, its leader Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia will retaliate against any efforts to place military infrastructure on the two Nordic countries’ territories. 

The Collective West is now making the threat of a much larger war with Russia more likely by adding Sweden and Finland into the mix. 

Both of these countries have historical axes to grind with Russia, the Battle of Poltava in the case of Sweden and the Winter War and the Continuation War in the case of Finland. Knowing that they’re under the US’s security blanket, these two countries could potentially test their luck and get into a scuffle with Russia. Under Article 5, the US and other NATO countries could be drawn in to defend Finland and Sweden in such a scenario.

This is a frightening prospect that demonstrates the flaws of military alliances such as NATO. 

Not only should further NATO expansion be opposed, but the US should start making moves to get out of the alliance altogether. 

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