French Populist Leader Marine Le Pen is Acquitted of Hate Crime Charges Over Twitter Post Exposing ISIS Terror

Rassemblement National leader Marine Le Pen has been acquitted of hate crime charges over a Twitter post she made exposing ISIS terror in 2015.

She made the post after French establishment politicians compared her group, which was called National Front at the time, to ISIS. She displayed the violent behavior of ISIS to demonstrate the difference between the Muslim terrorist operation and her political campaign to restore the integrity and dignity of France.

Le Pen is expected to take on current French President Emmanuel Macron in next year’s presidential election. She lost a prior election to Macron but has gained in the polls steadily with radical Islam continuing to encroach on France.

France has been deteriorating rapidly under the rule of Macron, and even though he has adopted populist nationalist rhetoric in recent months, the people of France have had enough. Military officials are warning that a coup of sorts may become necessary if Macron and other French leaders do not restore order and do so quickly.

“France is in danger. Several mortal perils threaten her. Even in retirement, we remain soldiers of France and cannot in the present circumstances remain indifferent to the fate of our beautiful country,” reads a letter titled “Valeurs Actuelles.”

The letter was written by former officer Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac and signed by 1000 lower-ranked officials. The lead signatory was former Foreign Legion commander Christian Piquemal, who was arrested and stripped of his rights for protesting Islam in 2016. Le Pen responded to the letter with great enthusiasm.

“I invite you to join us in taking part in the coming battle, which is the battle of France,” she wrote in a response to the controversial letter.

The Macron administration, however, is enraged about the letter and are actively retaliating against French patriots for drawing the line in the sand. The regime is taking aim at Le Pen for supporting the actions of the military officials as well.

“The irresponsible column published in Valeurs Actuelles is signed by retired soldiers, who no longer have any function in our armies and only represent themselves,” said French Defense Minister Florence Parly.

“Madame Le Pen’s words reflect a serious misunderstanding of the military institution,” Parly said, adding that Le Pen’s beliefs are “worrying for anyone who wants to become head of the Armed Forces.”

As incredulous as Macron and his bureaucrats may behave, it is clear that the people of France are ready to revolt. Le Pen’s acquittal on bogus hate crimes charges and heroic French military patriots putting the regime on notice are great signs that the nation is finally ready to turn itself around.

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