French President Emmanuel Macron Lashes Out Against Big Tech for Banning Donald Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron is blasting Big Tech for banning President Donald Trump, as even globalist leaders are becoming concerned with the overarching influence of social media giants.
Macron addressed the Atlantic Council where he criticized tech monoliths like Twitter and Facebook for “suddenly cut[ting] the mic” after they had “egged President Trump” on throughout his time in the Oval Office.
He expressed sympathy with social media giants for censoring Trump as a short-term solution, but is dismayed that the tech giants are taking absolute power. He believes there is a need for a “democratic answer” in situations such as these.
“I don’t want to live in a democracy where the key decisions… is decided by a private player, a private social network. I want it to be decided by a law voted by your representative, or by regulation, governance, democratically discussed and approved by democratic leaders,” Macron said.
Macron’s words echo similar sentiments that were expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who recently lamented that tech giants are rapidly becoming more powerful than nation states.
Big League Politics reported on Putin’s statements against monopolistic Silicon Valley entities that are functioning as the literal manifestation of the Orwellian nightmare:

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of Big Tech monopolies taking power that can allow them to supersede nation states during a recent address.

Putin made the remarks while giving an speech before a virtual meeting of the World Economic Forum on Wednesday.

“Digital giants play an increasingly significant role in the life of society. There is much talk about it now, especially in connection with the events that happened in the states during the election campaign,” Putin said.

“And those are not just some economic giants now, in some fields, they de facto compete with nations. Their audience includes billions of users who spend a significant part of their lives on those ecosystems,” he added.

Putin is alarmed at the growing influence of these monolithic tech entities that threaten national sovereignty and the rule of law.

“And from those companies’ point of view, their monopoly status is optimal for technological and business processes. Maybe it is, but there is a question: How does this monopolism serve the interest of society? Where is the divide between a successful global business, high-demand services and big data consolidation, and to rudely try to rule society at their own discretion?” Putin asked.

Putin accused Big Tech entities of coming dangerously close to usurping or restricting “the natural human right to decide how to live, what to choose, which position to express freely.”

“We just saw all of these in the states, and everybody understands what I am talking about,” Putin said to conclude his Big Tech rant, perhaps alluding to the electoral heist that happened in America.

The tech giants are becoming so onerous that they are uniting world leaders who were previous diametrically opposed. These corporate entities have grown into an existential threat to human freedom.

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