FREUDIAN SLIP? Joe Biden Says AR-15 ‘Assault Rifles’ are ‘to Defend America’

Mush-brained Joe Biden, the vacuous shell of what used to be a man who plays the role of U.S. President, said that AR-15 “assault rifles” are around “to defend America” during a speech on Friday.

Biden made the comments while arguing against these guns in what may be considered a gaffe. Usually when Biden tells the truth, it is by mistake, and this appears to be no exception.

“What in God’s name do you need an assault weapon for? It’s an assault weapon designed to kill people, to defend America, to defend people,” Biden said during a campaign rally.

His remarks can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported on Biden’s recent declaration of war against the American people as the feds enact their war on terrorism in the homeland:

Revolver News founder Darren Beattie appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast today where he described illegitimate President Joe Biden’s anti-MAGA speech as a “declaration of war against American citizens.”

“All of the language that you would expect someone to use if they were attempting to marginalize [an enemy] and justify imminent attacks using the apparatus of the state was the language that he used,” Beattie said. “This was not a political speech, it was a declaration of war against American citizens.”

Beattie said it is incumbent upon Trump supporters to stay peaceful and work for political victory in November and not fall into the trap laid out by the Biden regime to compel Americans to turn violent after his declaration of war.

“The one thing we can not do — they would like nothing more than to encourage violence in Trump’s name from Trump’s supporters,” he said. “We must avoid this, avoid violence.”

… Everyone who said it could never happen in America is eating crow right about now. The evil of the Biden regime is on full display, and they would not hesitate to kill Americans indiscriminately to keep power. It is up to Americans to reject and resist this satanic agenda.”

Earlier this year, Biden signed gun control legislation that was supported overwhelmingly by Democrats with a handful of RINOs jumping on board.

“This bill doesn’t do everything I want. It does include actions I’ve long called for that are going to save lives. I know there’s much more work to do. And I’m never going to give up,” Biden said as he signed the gun control package.

Biden is correct that AR-15 and other rifles are meant “to defend America,” from enemies foreign and domestic. Biden and his regime are right up at the top of the list of these enemies.

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