FRIENDLY FIRE: Race Huckster Shaun King Fights with MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Over Bernie Sanders

Race huckster Shaun King, the white guy who acts black to manipulate gullible leftists, is attacking MSNBC host Rachel Maddow about her reporting as it pertains to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Sanders got his clock cleaned on Super Tuesday, with former Vice President Joe Biden winning the lion’s share of the primaries. King was reaching for a conspiracy, using Maddow’s reporting as evidence that the Democrat establishment is out to get Sanders.

“[MSNBC and Rachel Maddow] just reported that multiple “senior officials” within the Democratic Party are interfering with the primaries to stop [Bernie Sanders],” King wrote in a Tweet.

“They reported that the party has asked Bloomberg to drop out so that Biden would have an easier time against Bernie,” he added.

Maddow shot back at King, disputing that she ever said anything of the sort.

King was adamant that his spin on Maddow’s reporting was correct. He claimed that because Democrat Party insiders are calling for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg to drop out, it is an indicator of an establishment conspiracy against Sanders.

“The Bloomberg campaign is experiencing intense pressure from multiple sources from inside of the Democratic Party that he needs to quit,” Maddow said while reporting on Super Tuesday.

He also posted a report from MSNBC national political reporter Josh Lederman in which the journalist talked about Bloomberg’s fledgling presidential campaign.

“We’ve been talking to Democratic officials, senior people within the party, people who have a lot of influence, who have acknowledged that they have been in touch with the Bloomberg campaign trying to make the case that now is the time for the sake of party unity for him to step aside particularly as the party really coalesces behind Joe Biden,” Lederman said.

King continues to fan the flames of conspiracy with the posts on his Twitter page, apparently unable to accept that socialism just isn’t very popular.

Regardless of King’s whining, Biden was the big winner on Super Tuesday and has emerged yet again as the presumptive front-runner among the Democrats:

Joe Biden has been projected as the winner of the Virginia Democratic Primary, winning the state in overwhelming fashion and showing his appeal in southern states and to Black voters.

The first round of Super Tuesday returns showed Biden carrying the state in a landslide.

Both Bloomberg and Sanders had hoped to be competitive in the traditionally moderate state, with the former having spent a considerable amount of money hoping to block out Biden. But it appears Biden’s appeal to southern Democrats proved more effective than Bloomberg’s money.

Early returns show the former Vice President with more than 55% of the vote, perhaps repeating his dominant South Carolina victory in the more affluent southern state…

North Carolina has also been called for Biden as polls closed in the state. A victory in that state would represent an even more favorable development for Biden, who was expected to compete with Sanders closely in the Tarheel State.

It doesn’t look like this professional racebaiter’s crying will do much to stop the Joementum that built on Super Tuesday.

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