FULL CLIP Shows Dallas Rioters Throwing Projectiles At Man Before Brutal Beating

A Dallas man was savagely beaten on tape in one of the most heinous act of violence that George Floyd-related rioters have carried out since the onset of national riots earlier this week.


The assault on the man was reportedly originated from an attempted looting of a small business. The man, who some sources are claiming is the owner of the business, stepped outside with a sword, upon which a large gang of looters began throwing sizable rocks at him.

The man attempted to walk away from the considerable crowd of race riot looters, but eventually engaged one of the rock-throwers after several stones, which may have been pieces of bricks, were lobbed at him.

The looters can be heard calling for aggression as the green-shirted man attempts to flee from the crowd, chanting “get his a**! Get his a**!

At least one lowlife can be seen stealing the man’s wallet from his back pocket after he’s incapacitated on the ground.

While some had questioned whether or not the man, who was clearly incapacitated, even survived the scrum of 6 or 7 looters beating, kicking and stomping on him once he was prone, reports indicate that he survived the savage beating and received medical treatment shortly after.

Leading progressives and Conservative Inc. charlatans have been attempting to defend the savage beating of the man on tenuous grounds, with some tweets claiming that he acted as the aggressor.

It remains to be seen if the perpetrators of the brutal beating will be arrested and criminally charged. If not, the citizens of Dallas will have no choice but to assume far-left violence and criminality is immune to the repercussions of the justice system.

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