FULL ORWELL: Canada Plans on Creating Registry for Podcasters in Censorship Drive

The regime of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is rolling out a plan to have podcasters register with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The Online Streaming Act, will go into effect on November 28. 2023. Under this law, any online streaming service that operates in Canada and rakes in $10 million in revenue during a given year will must register with CRTC. 

The Canadian government has marketed the new regulation as a “modern broadcasting framework that can adapt to changing circumstances. To do that, we need broad engagement and robust public records.” The law is calling on the aforementioned podcasters to register with CRTC ‘only once’ and “collects basic information” from them, such as their activities in Canada. 

This is a tyrannical step taken against free speech in Canada. As part of the Anglosphere, Canada should be ashamed of itself for descending to such tyrannical lows. After all, this is a civilizational sphere that allegedly defends the right to free speech. 

However, in recent decades, Canada has shown the world that it it’s a laboratory of all manner of globalist projects. Such infringements on free speech will likely be replicated in other Western countries.

For that reason, political observers should have a vested interest in following what’s taking place in Canada with great interest. What starts in Canada will likely spread to other countries like a malignant disease.

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