GA America First Candidate Blasts Male Domination of Female Sports: ‘There Are Two Genders’

Transgender athlete Rachel McKinnon —a biological male — set social media ablaze after claiming victory in the women’s Masters Track Cycling World Championships sprint title on October 21.

This marked the second consecutive year the biological male won this title in track cycling.

Critics were quick to point out that there are real biological differences between men and women. In other words, these differences give men advantages in various athletic competitions. No gender reassignment surgery will change those fundamental differences.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the candidate for Georgia’s 6th district is someone who gets that.

On Facebook, she stated “There are two genders — Male and Female. Males DO NOT belong in women’s sports. This is not equality. It’s not fair.”

Social issues are heating up in America in the wake of the James Younger case, where a young boy could have gone through a gender transition thanks to his mother’s pressure.

Taylor Greene knows what’s at stake in these discussions and she has positioned herself as a candidate that believes in foundational American principles such as limited government and traditional social morality.

The latter seems almost radical in today’s culture which constantly promotes deviant lifestyles that go against common sense and basic biological principles.

Constituents in Georgia’s 6th district can at least sleep well at night knowing that Taylor Greene is the only candidate who will stand firmly against leftist social engineering.

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