GAETZ: Does McCarthy Have Enough Backbone to Stand Up to Pelosi?

On Thursday Florida 1st District Representative Matt Gaetz took to Instagram to post a clip from his online new podcast, “Firebrand,” discussing criminal action by Nancy Pelosi and other bad actors in the White House. Gaetz also covered a recent statement against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarty, questioning whether or not he will have the backbone to truly stand up against the House Speaker, or if it is just talk and nothing more.

“Let’s break down what the Pelosi committee has done,” began Gaetz, before explaining that they leaked the names of targeted Republicans in phony political investigations, likening it to many of the witchhunts that were launched against former President Trump.

“Smearing political leaders you don’t like with leaks and lies, sound familiar?” asked Gaetz, before invoking Adam Schiff’s phony investigations on Trump.

“It’s exactly the playbook Adam Schiff used against Donald Trump during the phony Ukraine impeachment! Remember Adam Schiff’s bunker? He’d go down there for interviews and then release leaks and borderline lies to make people think Trump was running some sort of illegal Ukrainian arms deal!”

“How fake it all turned out to be, a ‘perfect call’ some might say,” he continued, before pivoting to read McCarty’s recent condemnation against Pelosi.

“Adam Schiff, Benny Thompson, and Nancy Pelosi’s attempts to strong-arm private companies to turn over individuals’ private data would put every American with a phone or computer in the crosshairs of a surveillance state run by Democrat politicians,” McCarty said in a statement to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, which Gaetz re-read on the air. “If these companies comply with the Democrat order to turn over private information, they are in violation of federal law and subject to losing their ability to operate in the United States. If they pursue this path, a Republican majority will not forget and will be ready to hold them fully accountable under the law.”

“Woo, that’s some huffing and puffing indeed, no low-T today!” Gaetz joked, before questioning how the American people can trust McCarthy to h0ld Pelosi accountable when “he won’t even stand up to Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger…” who “sit as Nancy Pelosi appointees on the January 6th committee” and according to Gaetz have “crossed the rubicon” and “joined the other side.”

“Kevin McCarthy must remove Cheney and Kinzinger from the committees that they serve on pursuant to their membership in the Republican conference,” said Gaetz in a powerful conclusion.

“Anything less is weakness inviting attack — and our leadership shouldn’t invite an attack on our people.”

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